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You buy the perfect eCigarette at La Vaperia

La Vaperia is the vape shop where you can find your favorite electronic cigarette, along with everything you need to vape like an expert. These products are made up of a battery, built-in atomizer, microprocessor, heating element, along with the e-liquid mix that may include nicotine; products that you will also find in our store.

We put at your disposal electronic cigarettes of the most recognized brands worldwide and we are strict with the quality of the products we offer you. Therefore, with us you will have one of the best vapes, no matter which one you choose to buy. An unforgettable and constant experience, just check out our vape shop and discover everything you can find.

A perfect Vape Device at La Vapería

Join the world of vape!

Characteristics of an Electronic Cigarette from La Vapería

cigarro electrónico tipo pluma color rosa

The electronic cigarettes or (e-cigars) combine the similar form to a traditional cigarette, but with the technology of e-cigarettes. Therefore, vapers have another option to use in their vaping since these devices do not contain tar or tobacco. Therefore, they are an excellent option to take care of your health and leave that bad habit behind.

Vapes can be inhaled, but not smoked; depending on the manufacturer, an electronic vaporizer can have a very realistic look, including an LED light at the end of the cigar to mimic the flame produced when a real cigar is lit.

Vaping isn't static, which is why there are also some vapes that offer a chewy mouthpiece, giving them a look and feel. even more realistic user experience. Making the gradual change from conventional cigarette to an electronic cigarette can be easier with some of the vaping kits that you will find in our online store.

In the electronic cigarettes Mexico of La Vaperia there is no tar, flame, ash or odor associated with regular cigarettes. While they have the look and feel of a traditional cigar, they offer a cleaner experience by producing only vapor; You can even find disposable vapes with incredible flavors that will fascinate you.

The design of these devices allows you to receive the traditional e-cigarette throat hit that you would receive from using a real cigarette However, if the appearance of the vape is similar to that of a traditional cigarette, do the flavored electronic cigarettes also taste similar?

Delicious e-liquids of flavors for your Electronic Cigar at La Vapería

e-liquid para cigarros electrónicos

For disposable e-cigarettes, such as the vape Maskking, once the e-liquid runs out, the electronic cigarette is discarded. However, there are others that are rechargeable and you can use them for a longer time. These allow the replacement of the batteries, the atomizer and the refill cartridge for reuse.

This allows you to try with your electronic cigarette a number of options in flavors such as those you will find in our vape shop. En in this sense, it is necessary to demystify that not all e-liquids need to include nicotine. The e-liquid is made with a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, flavoring and optional nicotine, but not all contain it.

propylene glycol has a liquid substance, but also tends to create less buildup on the heating element. The vegetable glycerinl is thicker, but it can also collect dirt on the heating element.

At La Vapería, we help you choose your Electronic Cigarette

You may be wondering Which are the best cigars?, because you don't know which one you can choose if you are new to the world of vaping. When you go to your vape store in Mexico and look for your vapers, there are four points that you should take into consideration: appearance, long battery life, high standard and premium design.

Now the next time you want to buy a vape well you'll know what to consider. If you have visited many vaping shops and cannot find anything that convinces you, at La Vapería, we have the ideal vaporizer for you. Below, we explain these four important aspects in detail:

  1. Appearance: One of the best ways to choose a vaporizer is based on what is your favorite real cigar (if that you have one) and then you can find one that offers a similar taste and appearance.
  2. Long battery life: Another important aspect is the duration of the battery. Vaporizing e-liquid can take a lot of power, so if the battery doesn't last more than one or two uses before needing a recharge, it may not be the best option.
  3. Choosing a Higher Standard: With that in mind, please consider choosing a higher standard for us. A e-cigarette of better quality will give you more pleasant and long-lasting vapes. You've probably found them before in other stores, but they were dodgy, tasted really bad, and scorched your throat so much it made you cough.
  4. Designing a premium experience: You only need to source premium components and liquids to create the best balance in flavor and, most importantly, a better alternative to cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes at the best price at La Vaperia!

With so many e-cigarettes available today, where to buy and in the country, how do you know which one is right for you? To make this decision, you need to start removing certain product features that don't suit your tastes or needs. Then you've reached the right set of possibilities to select from.

The size of the Electronic Vaporizer that interests you

One of the first things you have to do to choose the best electronic cigarettes in Mexico is look at the size. It's deciding how big or small a device you'll feel comfortable with; consider if you want something you can stash in your pants pocket or a kit that you like the way it's designed and is a little more playful.

As in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of each type of size; for example, larger vaper smoke, such as advanced personal vaporizers (APV), tend to offer more features that will allow you to customize your vaping experience.

Also, larger devices will have swappable batteries and last longer between charges. That is, the device itself will have a compartment for a battery that you can replace.

This provides great benefits because you can always have a fully charged spare battery available, so when the battery runs out, you can swap it out for the charged one so that never run out of your charged vaporizers.

The needs you want to satisfy with the Vaper

When looking for a sale of electronic cigarettes you can find those that range from the extremely basic to the very technological . You need to be clear about what features your vape should have that are important to you to determine which type to consider.

At the most basic level would be some of the e-cigarette starter kits. These are just batteries and clearomizers that work well and don't have extra features or functions to worry too much about.

Some vape Maskking devices offer limited options, such as variable voltage capabilities, which allow you to adjust the voltage output of your

t7>ecig battery. This is a nice feature as you can customize the intensity of the puff impact of your electronic cigarette.

In the vape shop the more advanced vape mods usually include devices called advanced personal vaporizers like the JUUL Mexico. These are loaded with features that will allow you to customize your vaping experience.

You'll find APVs in vape shops, which are generally variable voltage, variable wattage, have ohm meters, puff counters, and are loaded with a host of safety features. Today there are smaller APVs than others, such as the vape Maskking.

Maskking México is a brand that is dedicated to the creation of disposable electronic cigarettes, its vapers are super thin and ultra light with colors elegant.

To simplify operations and extend battery life, there are no buttons or screens, but with a draw-activated firing mechanism, you simply need to inhale If you want to purchase products vape Maskking, don't forget to check our complete catalog.

Maskking has the best vaping options for you!

And for this reason, at the vape shop, La Vaperia we also sell vapes from the Maskking brand. Get closer to the best to start vaping! One of the most delicious flavors Maskking has for you is lush ice.

One of its most popular e-cigarette liquids. The lush ice is fruity and refreshing, it has a nice watermelon flavor with fresh menthol, which will give your taste buds a boost.

Its battery is 280 mAh and its direct extraction system is made so that you can enjoy every second without major complications. It should be noted that ice lush is part of the family of vapes from La Vapería.

Buy your lush ice at La Vaperia!

Choose the best e-liquid for your Electronic Cigarette

The liquids for electronic cigarettes in Mexico are not a novelty, they come in all the flavors you can imagine thanks to the magnitude of the vaping, mainly among young people. When acquiring liquids for electronic cigarettes, they do not always contain nicotine.

So if you are looking for one that does contain, remember that you can search our catalog of liquids for cigarettes. Join the La Vaperia community! With so many options to choose from, choosing your Mexico electronic cigarettes will be easy.

Although the specific flavor is a matter of personal preference, there are some general rules that you should check when making your selection.

Regarding flavor selection, there are some basic categories of e-liquid: fruit, tobacco, sweets, and menthol . Of course, in the vape shops in Mexico there are flavors that combine these categories, but those are the basics.

There's only one way to know which flavor categories you like, and that's simply to taste them. Buy various e-liquids to try with your vapers Mexico. You'll know right away which ones you like and which ones you don't. There is also sale of Maskking wholesale!

Remember that an electronic cigarette works with nicotine, to determine the concentration of nicotine that you should use, it is important that you first determine what your current habits are.

If you are a tobacco cigarette smoker, you may want to select a nicotine strength based on your preference at the vape shop. degree of smoker Over time, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine until you reach zero.

If you don't currently smoke cigarettes, it would be better to use 0mg of nicotine.

Get to know our locations for the sale of Electronic Cigarettes in Mexico and vapers

You may be wondering where can I buy the best electronic cigarette?Here! You will find vapers, e-liquids and all the necessary accessories in the best vape shop: La Vapería, at an excellent price and with promotions, not only in our online store , but also in our branches of:

  • Vapers in Monterrey
  • Vapers in Tampico
  • Vapers in Ciudad Victoria

In addition to offering you the best products from the best brands, you can count on our attention 24 hours a day Everything you want to know about vapeo here we tell you and if you want to order any of our products. The best shop to start vaping.

Vape is another name to call the action of vaping or the people who are immersed in it. When we refer to the vape we can also be talking about vapers as such.

Because if you are looking to quit smoking, the vape can help you thanks to its characteristics and different liquids for electronic cigarettes that are available in our Vape Shop. Buy your favorite electronic cigarette!


FAQ's Electronic Cigars

Various studies have shown us that both the traditional cigar and the Electronic cigars They contain diverse chemicals that affect our body. However, it is also proven that toxic levels are usually much lower with vape than with tobacco from a traditional cigar.

The flavors of the Electronic cigars They can be fruity, tobacco, menthol, sweet, desserts and drinks.

Because there are still no regulatory laws for the electronic cigar, what we know is the following: it is not dangerous, nor harmful for passive smokers. In addition, most e-liquids have a good aroma and do not be impregnated in the clothes.

Yes, and in fact that is the idea. That all smoker first starts with a dose of nicotine in liquids and then progressively decrease.

E-Liquids can be found in Nicotine Grade 0, so you would only be consuming steam with flavoring. It is not recommended to add nicotine if you already stopped smoking completely or if you have never smoked in your life.

We do not recommend that pregnant women smoke Electronic cigars Neither any other product containing nicotine. Nicotine is still a drug and can harm your baby.

The Electronic cigars They are designed to be an alternative, not to be used as a nicotine replacement therapy. We simply offer an alternative to traditional cigars free of tobacco and tar cheaper tar.

In Vaperia we have different e-liquids to fill in your Electronic cigars With and without nicotine.

As always, it depends on different factors, as can be the use that I give or the power to which we are going. For a normal user, the usual liquid consumption is usually between 2 and 5 ml per day (a 10ml bottle usually lasts between 4 and 5 days) with a common use.

Normally, it depends on several factors, which are the ohmniaje of the resistance, the power to which we go to vape, the use we give it (if it is going to be continuous or sporadic) and the material from which the resistance is made.