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Joyetech, leading vape brand

Joyetech is one of the world's leading vaping brands, following three principles in making all of their products: quality, innovation and making an instant classic. Since its inception in 2007 in China, they have developed some of the best electronic cigarettes, as well as coils of the highest quality.

All their vaping devices are worked for years by engineers and designers to be the best of the best. With each release, they seek to innovate in the vaping market and have proven it for the last 14 years. The technological contribution they have made in terms of electronic vaporizers is one of the most extensive.

In recent years, Joyetech has installed laboratories in the United States and Europe in order to have a better production of disposable vapers, electronic cigarettes and all their accessories, including coils. Their work has been recognized and today they have the first UL certificate for electronic cigarettes that has been delivered in the world.

All the resources that this company invests for the production, research and development of its electronic cigarettes is impressive. Thanks to this, today they are one of the best vaping brands in the world for their unbeatable quality. Today, you can find them anywhere in the world.

At La Vapería, you will find disposable vapes from this renowned brand, as well as the best coils for vape kits from Joyetech. All our products have the lowest price in the market. In addition, our promotions are the ones that will give you more while paying less.

So that you know a little about our Joyetech product catalog, we will talk about what you can find in our online store of this brand.

Joyetech Disposable Vapes

VAAL 1500

This disposable vape from Joyetech is one of the best to carry in your pocket and its fruity flavors are intense due to its 5.0 ml that it contains in its capsule, so it will give you greater satisfaction. You can take it wherever you want and it will serve as a spare when the energy of your electronic cigarette or your e-liquid from your vape runs out.

Compared to other disposable e-cigarettes, VAAL 1500 has a powerful 950 mAh battery that will give you up to 1500 puffs, hence the name of this Joyetech disposable vape. We have it available in 9 delicious flavors that are:

  • Peach Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Banana Ice
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Mint
  • Tobacco
  • Mango Ice
  • Orange Ice

Joyetech Coils

Resistance Tech Eco

The Tech Eco or SS316 heating element is made with the highest quality stainless steel; In addition, organic Japanese cotton is used for a better performance of your vape. As for its electrical resistance, this piece is 0.6 OHMS and is compatible with the following vaping devices:

  • eGo AIO
  • eGo AIO D16
  • eGo AIO Box
  • eGo AIO Mansion
  • Cuboid Mini
  • Cubis
  • eGrip II

Atopack Penguin Resistance

Joyetech's Atopack Penguin Kit has a unique design; For this reason, the resistance is special and you can only buy the one that the brand has available. To replace it, you will need the one that we have for sale in our store. They have an innovative vertical liquid injection system, so you will be perfectly protected.

The price of all Joyetech products in our store is one of the lowest in the marke.

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