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VOOPOO, world leader in Vape Devices, you can find it in La Vaperia 

Globally, VOOPOO has managed to position itself as one of the leaders in vaping thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Now, their best electronic cigarettes from the Drag series and the coils to use them can be found at La Vaperia at a super price.

Since its inception, they have been characterized by developing the best in technology for electronic cigarettes. For this reason, mods such as the Drag X or the Drag 3 are among the most sought after by all our clients at La Vaperia. Without a doubt, a kit of these will give you optimal use of the battery and the e-liquid so that you can make denser clouds with a more lasting flavor.

VOOPOO in the world

VOOPOO began producing the best electronic cigarettes in 2010 and since then they have reached more than 200 countries, including the United States, Mexico, France and Germany. Thanks to this, there are more than 30 million people in the world who have used their kits and have verified their quality.

This company of more than 3 thousand employees has managed to cross hundreds of borders with the most innovative in vaping. Now, you can enjoy the best kits just by making your purchase at La Vaperia; we select only the best in electronic cigarettes so that you have a unique experience and therefore VOOPOO could not be missing from our catalog.

VOOPOO Electronic Cigarettes

The two best vape kits it has released are the VOOPOO Drag 3 and the Drag X. Both systems meet the quality standards for you to enjoy your electronic cigarette to the fullest. So that you can get to know them a little better, we will tell you a little about them below:

voopoo drag 3 contenido

This electronic cigarette has a GENE set chip that will help you generate larger clouds of vapor and, at the same time, will preserve the flavor and aroma of your favorite e-liquid thanks to its TPP Pod Tank. Although it does not include batteries, it uses to the maximum the energy of the double 18650 rechargeable batteries that you can also get at La Vaperia.

To keep you safe, the Drag 3 has electrical protection over discharge, recharge, reverse polarity and short circuit. Unlike many cheap brands, this vaping system won't explode in your pocket; plus, it won't overheat with continuous use like many vaporizers do.

voopoo drag x contenido

Like the Drag 3, this VOOPOO e-cigarette has the same power system with high-amp batteries (not included). However, this kit grants you infinite airflow with ease of use and the ability to make higher density billowing vapor clouds.

The capacity of its tank is up to 4.5 ml so that you can use the e-liquid of your choice for a longer time. It is completely refillable and very easy to handle when refilling it with liquid. The energy protection of this kit is equal to the Drag 3, so it will take maximum care of you from any accident.

Both vape kits have an amazing design in different colors, all available at La Vaperia.In addition, in our online store you will find resistors for your Vinci VOOPOO equipment at an unbeatable price and with shipping

If you take advantage of the promotion we have right now, when you buy any of these vape kits and an e-liquid your shipping will be completely free. Buy your VOOPOO vaping system now and discover the quality and technology they have developed in each vape you make.

VOOPOO Drag 3 super mode

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