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Frequent questions 

What are e-juice or e-liquid?

They are liquids that contain Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food flavorings (usually used in foods and medications endorsed by the FDA) and USP grade nicotine (may or may not contain), which are commonly used for e-cig known as vapers, electronic cigarettes.

What is the difference between each?

It all depends on the flavoring/s that the liquid contains, the manufacturer's brand, whether it is national or imported, etc. All this encompasses a wide range of flavors, colors, size, etc.

How much nicotine should I choose?

This is based on your needs and the electronic cigarette you have, we have prepared a table so that you can guide yourself with the nicotine concentration.

As recommendations if you have a pod system such as Suorin Drop, Suorin Air, Vaporesso PodStick, SMOK Infinix, Juul, JC01 or anything from 1.0ohms upwards we recommend the nicotine sales.

If you use a traditional vape or electronic cigarette with resistances from 0.8ohms down, what we recommend are free base e-liquids.


Mg (e-liquids) Type of Smoker
3mg Social Smoker (1 a 5 cigarettes a day)
6mg Average Smoker (Half a daily pack)
12mg Daily Smoker (1 pack daily)
18mg Fumador (1 and a half to 2 packs daily)

Nic Salts 

Mg (Nic Salts) Type of Smoker
25mg (2.5%) Social Smoker (1 a 5 cigarettes a day)
35mg (3.5%) Average Smoker (Half a daily pack)
50mg (5%) Fumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
60mg (6%) Fumador (1 cajetilla y media diaria)