Here you will find all the electronic cigarettes at the best market price.

Combine them with your favorite e-liquids for a complete vaping experience.

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The best electronic cigarettes that you were looking for, are here

If what you are looking for are quality electronic cigarettes , you have reached the section of our store where you will find the product you have been looking for. All the kits that we have in La Vapería are of the highest quality and will help you to finally give up conventional cigarettes.

You'll enjoy increased flavor, intense clouds of vapor, and vapers that are extremely easy to use. We have the two most sought-after brands for their quality here: Vaporesso and Smok.

Likewise, like all the accessories to use them. All the electronic cigarettes in this category have a large capacity, not only to carry more e-liquid, but also because of its resistant battery that will last you longer.

The best electronic cigarettes

The factors that define quality electronic cigarettes from those that are not, are: their size, design, the battery they have, their resistance , the way of loading them, the quality and the style.

So that you can find all this in our products, we decided to put on sale all the kits that are in this section of our store, since you may be interested in review details of our vapers..

As for the design and size of the Smok vapes we have for sale, the pen shape and design makes them easy to handle and carry. In particular, the Nord 2 Kit is one of the smallest in size and very easy to use. If you don't like to battle, this might be the team for you.

While all are extremely easy to use because of their switch, none compare to the Sky Solo Plus Kit. This vape can be filled from the top and its button on the side can be activated without any problem when you want a puff.

For greater capacity, the recommendation of electronic cigarettes that we give you at La Vaperia is undoubtedly the Gen Nano Kit by Vaporesso. It has one of the most powerful batteries on the market with 2000 mAh. Also, the e-liquid capacity it has is 3.5 milliliters, much more than other vaping equipment.

The charging options with most vaping equipment is with a USB cable that you can connect to your computer or directly to electricity with a charger. However, with rigs like the Swag PX80 from Vaporesso that require 18650 batteries, you'll need to recharge them with a charger.

As for coils, the Smok Vape Pen 22 kit has two different resistances: on the one hand, the vape pen resistance will give you intense flavor; instead, with the 0.3 ohm dual core you will have denser vapor clouds. Both adapt perfectly to the voltage of the equipment, so you will not have a problem with it.

Now when it comes to style, the Vape Pen V2 Kit with its 7 color metallic finish is unmatched. It is not the only model, because you will also find it in great metallic shades of gold, red, blue, black or stainless steel. There is no doubt that it is one of the most striking and with the best style.

In terms of quality, any of the electronic cigarettes that you decide to buy at La Vaperia will offer you excellent flavor and durability.

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Which vape should you choose?

There really isn't one that is the best and another that is the worst, they all have their own thing.

Ideally, start by knowing your needs with nicotine. Do you smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day? Equipment that uses nicotine salts, such as pod systems, is the best for you.

If you don't smoke or smoke very little (5 to 10 cigarettes) the best for you are hybrid kits, with which you can use free-base liquids or liquids with nicotine salts. As an example, Nord by Smok, Podstick by Vaporesso, RPM40, Suorin, etc.

What do I need besides the vape?

Just choose the e-liquid that most attracts your attention, to taste the colors. We invite you to know all the e-liquid and nicotine salts that we handle by clicking here.

I have more questions, what do I do?

You can consult our FAQ section by clicking here, or you can send us a direct message in our instant chat.