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What is e liquid or e juice? 

The e juice is what allows e-cigarettes to generate vapor when people inhale from them. You can choose between different flavors and nicotine concentration (from 36mg/ml to 0mg/ml).

The different levels can be used if you are looking to reduce or stop nicotine addiction. Typically each smoker requires experimentation with the degree of nicotine served to them.

Sometimes too high a nicotine level can produce effects such as dizziness and headache, while a level that is too low causes the personal vaporizer to be inhaled excessively and for long periods.

La Vapería knows how important it is for its customers to be informed about the cigarette liquids since they must be handled with care so that they can be fully enjoyed. Today, we will talk about the e juice, its components and benefits, as well as flavors.

Components of e juice

Propylene glycol

It is a colorless, tasteless and odorless organic compound. It is a clear oily liquid that is easily combinable with water. It is a compound that is commonly used as a lubricant, food additive, flavoring agent, as a solvent for food coloring, in fog machines, as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, etc.

The e juice needs this substance to allow the liquid to turn into vapor, so it's easy to also add flavors or smells.

Vegetable glycerin

It is an alcohol with three hydroxyl groups. It is one of the main products of digestive lipid degradation and also appears as an intermediate product of alcoholic fermentation. It is used in the manufacture of various cosmetic products as well as in the preparation of medicines in the form of syrups.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the liquid for electronic cigarettes contains a key component that is this glycerin, which guarantees that the conservation of your e juice will be optimal.


An organic alkaloid compound found mainly in the tobacco plant, although it is also found in other plants such as tomato or eggplant in lower concentrations. It's one of the most addictive drugs out there and is the main reason some smokers can't kick the habit of smoking.

It should be noted that the levels of nicotine found in e juice will depend on each user. Since there are e liquids that do not contain nicotine, but there may be some that contain up to 24mg.


They are preparations of substances that contain the sapid-aromatic principles, extracted from nature (vegetable) or artificial substances of permitted use in legal terms, capable of acting about the senses of taste and smell.

In some cases, the flavoring or ingredient of an e juice, can be the CBD component of marijuana or even the wax to smoke in the electronic cigarette.

The benefits of e juice for cigarettes start from the moment you do not generate combustion. That combustion in a traditional cigarette ignites the tar, not to mention the more than 7,000 toxic chemicals.

In addition to doing your lungs a favor, since what enters them is vapor that is generated by heating the e juice in a vape, but never burning it as in the case of the traditional cigar.

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Preguntas Frecuentes 

¿Qué son los e-juice o e-liquid?

Son líquidos que contienen Propilenglicol (PG), Glicerina Vegetal (VG), saborizantes alimenticios (usualmente utilizados en alimentos y medicamentos avalados por la FDA) y nicotina (puede o no contener) de grado USP, los cuales son utilizados para e-cig comúnmente conocidos como vapeadores, cigarrillos electrónicos.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre cada uno?

Todo depende del saborizante/s que contiene el líquido, la marca del fabricante, si es nacional o importado, etc. Todo esto engloba una gran gama de sabores, colores, tamaños, etc.

¿Cuánta nicotina debo elegir?

Esto es con base a tus necesidades y al cigarro electrónico que tengas, preparamos una tabla para que puedas guiarte con la concentración de nicotina.

Como recomendación si tienes un sistema de pods tal como Suorin DropSuorin AirPodStick de VaporessoInfinix de SMOKJuulJC01 o cualquiera que sea de 1.0ohms hacia arriba te recomendamos la sales de nicotina.

Si usas un vapeador o cigarro electrónico tradicional con resistencias de 0.8ohms hacia abajo lo que te recomendamos son los e-líquidos de base libre.

Liquidos de Base Libre

Cantidad de Miligramos (e-liquids de base libre)Tipo de Fumador
3mgFumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
6mgFumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
12mgFumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
18mgFumador (1 y media a 2 cajetillas diarias)

Sales de Nicotina

Cantidad de Miligramos (sales de nicotina)Tipo de Fumador
25mg (2.5%)Fumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
35mg (3.5%)Fumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
50mg (5%)Fumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
60mg (6%)Fumador (1 cajetilla y media diaria)