Mamacita Vape


Try the new e-liquids Mamacita Vapes with delicious combinations ready to use with your electronic vaporizer preferred.

Each of the Mamacita Vape flavors is a different blend and each one has a unique personality. From the dangerous and sexy Bad Ass Rocker, to the sweet and crazy combination of Hardcore Gamer. In La Vapería, you can choose the one that best suits you and that you prefer to try in your vape machine.

Mamacita Vape: Flavors

  • Bad Ass Rocker: If we could define this flavor it would be: sour, sweet, dangerous and sexy, just like a true rocker chic would be . It's the perfect combination of bubble gum and green apple that will keep longer. Also, the aroma of the smoke you will create is great.
  • Ice Cold Bitch: The cold mint bubblegum flavor of this e-liquid will remind you of your ex's heart; Ice Cold Bitch lives up to its name and will give you a fascinating freshness. As soon as you try it you will feel the cold heart of it and you will make clouds just as cold.
  • Hardcore Gamer: The lychee and watermelon bubblegum flavor of this e-liquid is 100 percent authentic and natural. Hardcore Gamer is a crazy sweet and floral blend that will leave the scent all around you. Forget the horrible smell of regular cigarettes with this delicious flavor.

The Mamacita Vape e-liquids are 100% made in Mexico and you can choose how much nicotine you want in them. In our store you will find from 12 mg/ml for constant smokers, to flavors that are nicotine free. Quit the cigarette that does a lot of damage and better start vaping.

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