PachaMama Salts


Pachamama salts and their fruit flavors

Charlie's Chalk Dust is a premium manufacturer of e liquid. And now he brings for you: pachamana. A line of delicious fruit flavors for you to enjoy in your electronic cigarette.

It is one of the most famous ranges in the vaping world, as it has a wide palette of flavors, from the most delicious sweets or the most irresistible fruity ones to original tobacco flavors. If you haven't tried them yet, what are you waiting for?

La Vaperia guarantees you great satisfaction when you purchase your fruity flavors of pachamama salt. In addition to the fact that it is a company that manufactures high-quality products for vaping, you can feel totally safe in its consumption.

Pachamama and nicotine

The products available at La Vaperia de pachamama contain nicotine, these products only they must be consumed by adults, so their sale and marketing to minors is prohibited.

On the other hand, you can find other presentations of pachamama salts with a greater amount of nicotine, in fact the best-selling liquids in this range are those that contain 25 mg of nicotine, although there are presentations of 50 mg and less.

Pachamama's recommendation

Although you can find your favorite flavors of pachamama in the catalog, it is important that you listen to our recommendations since the explosive flavor of the grape is incomparable in the recommendation of La Vaperia.

If you are a customer of our store and you have bought pachamama salts before, surely you know what flavor we are talking about. The star fruit grape from pachamama is the flavor you were waiting for, its grape flavor and soft nuances with nicotine at a low power, make this liquid for electronic cigarette the ideal.

Likewise, we have different flavors that will become your favorites from La Vaperia if you want to have a combination of fruity aromas. Pachamama is the best option when it comes to choosing fruit flavors.

Other flavors available in a vape shop are: fuji salt, apple tobacco , strawberry watermelon and icy mango. Pachamama will be your favorite line! Buy safely at La Vaperia.

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Preguntas Frecuentes 

¿Qué son los e-juice o e-liquid?

Son líquidos que contienen Propilenglicol (PG)Glicerina Vegetal (VG), saborizantes alimenticios (usualmente utilizados en alimentos y medicamentos avalados por la FDA) y nicotina (puede o no contener) de grado USP, los cuales son utilizados para e-cig comúnmente conocidos como vapeadores, cigarrillos electrónicos.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre cada uno?

Todo depende del saborizante/s que contiene el líquido, la marca del fabricante, si es nacional o importado, etc. Todo esto engloba una gran gama de sabores, colores, tamaños, etc.

¿Cuánta nicotina debo elegir?

Esto es con base a tus necesidades y al cigarro electrónico que tengas, preparamos una tabla para que puedas guiarte con la concentración de nicotina.

Como recomendación si tienes un sistema de pods tal como Suorin DropSuorin AirPodStick de VaporessoInfinix de SMOKJuulJC01 o cualquiera que sea de 1.0ohms hacia arriba te recomendamos la sales de nicotina.

Si usas un vapeador o cigarro electrónico tradicional con resistencias de 0.8ohms hacia abajo lo que te recomendamos son los e-líquidos de base libre.

Liquidos de Base Libre

Cantidad de Miligramos (e-liquids de base libre)Tipo de Fumador
3mgFumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
6mgFumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
12mgFumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
18mgFumador (1 y media a 2 cajetillas diarias)

Sales de Nicotina

Cantidad de Miligramos (sales de nicotina)Tipo de Fumador
25mg (2.5%)Fumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
35mg (3.5%)Fumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
50mg (5%)Fumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
60mg (6%)Fumador (1 cajetilla y media diaria)