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The most popular vaporizers at La Vapería

There's no doubt that everyone wants to get the latest vaporizers to match their style. When it comes to fashion, we all want something beautiful but also functional. The latest fashion accessories that have gained great ground are vapes and electronic cigarettes. 

Smoking electronically has become a lifestyle, but do you really know What is a vaporizer? Vaping is all about inhaling vapor through an electronic smoking device, such as a vape pen.

Vapor is created when the cartridge, which is filled with chemicals, nicotine and liquid flavoring, is heated and released for you to inhale through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.

It is essential to know that vaping is gaining massive popularity due to its numerous benefits to help give up the traditional cigarette that has caused many health problems. Nowadays, you can find different vaping devices of every design you can imagine.

Why are vaporizers more popular than ever?

Although there are many nicotine replacement options out there, vaporizers have their distinction and certainly a style declaration. Today, there are many places dedicated to vaping devices with excellent quality products like here at La Vapería.

All you have to do is click here to check the characteristics of all our products and choose Of all our vaporizers, your preferred vaporizer. Plus, you'll also find e-liquids to never run out of fuel, meaning vapers have plenty of options available.

The vaporizers and electronic cigarettes do not present risks for health like traditional tobacco. In the past, medical researchers have discovered the damaging effects of even traditional cigars on the lungs.

Come get your vapor smoke at La Vapería!

These risks, including cancer, have been reduced since the advent of e-cigarettes. With that in mind, e-cigs have become a permanent replacement for traditional cigarettes currently.

Benefits of using vaporizers Have you already placed your order at La Vapería?

  • One of the benefits of using e-vaporizers and e-cigarettes is that vape smoke doesn't produce a foul odor, inevitable issue with the little white tubes that you couldn't hide. Also, vaping produces pleasant odors and the smell is not strong.
  • Different types of flavors used with e-liquids, which are nice and fruity.Of course, by using a vaporizer, you won't have to worry about staining your fingers, beard or teeth , as seen in traditional cigarette smokers
  • It is also necessary to take into account that vapor is harmless and reduces its effect on the people around you. Unless you're in a poorly ventilated room, that's when the smell can be intense and it's not even too much.
  • Vaping is a new trend in the market, and this is not only due to its elegant design or size, but also because of the benefits it brings to both smokers and non-smokers. Generally vaporizers run on batteries and these are better, safer and provide a more enjoyable experience by “smoking” for reasons including:
  • The vaporizer is considered a suitable substitute for nicotine: nicotine is a main component of cigarettes and one of the factors responsible for the harmful effects observed in the body. Although most people know it, the thrill of smoking tobacco prevents them from quitting.
  • But the invention of electronic cigarettes has provided an alternative for these people. This safely produces steam, while providing health benefits such as better skin health, oral hygiene, a better sense of smell, etc, due to the fact that traditional tobacco is no longer consumed.
  • Another benefit of vaping is that you have complete control over the vapor exhaled. They are portable devices for smoking, such as the pod vape, which allow a low vapor release and a comfortable smoking experience.

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    Which vape should you choose?

    There really isn't one that is the best and another that is the worst, they all have their own thing.

    Ideally, start by knowing your needs with nicotine. Do you smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day? Equipment that uses nicotine salts, such as pod systems, is the best for you.

    If you don't smoke or smoke very little (5 to 10 cigarettes), the best for you are hybrid kits, with which you can use free-base liquids or liquids with nicotine salts. As an example, Nord by Smok, Podstick by Vaporesso, RPM40, Suorin, etc.

    What do I need besides the vape?

    Just choose the e-liquid that most attracts your attention, to taste the colors. We invite you to know all the e-liquid and nicotine salts that we handle by clicking here.

    I have more questions, what do I do?

    You can consult our FAQ section by clicking here, or you can send us a direct message in our instant chat.