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The best eliquids and salts of VGOD

VGOD Vape E-liquids to make thick clouds

VGOD is an American vaping brand dedicated to making quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids that allow you to make the most impressive clouds of vapor. In this section of La Vaperia, you will find the best flavors of this brand that you can order from us. 

To make all its flavors, at VGOD they consult mixologists who know the flavor and its design perfectly. For this reason, they are considered one of the highest quality premium flavor profiles on the market. All their mixes are made at their headquarters in California, United States, with top-quality ingredients.

Each e-liquid from VGOD aims to give you a vaping experience with incomparable flavor and large vapor clouds. To achieve this, they use pure natural extracts and nicotine that preserve as much flavor as possible. With these main ingredients, they avoid using additives that affect the flavor or the final quality of the product.

The flavor of each of the VGOD blends for e-cigarettes is perfectly balanced as a staggered arrangement is adopted in each flavoring for greater depth. They are not too sweet, the level keeps it in the middle to enjoy it to the fullest.

Each flavor will give you a perfect throat hit; without being too harsh, enjoy all the flavor notes of the e-liquid when you inhale and exhale. For a perfect balance between big vapor clouds and flavor, VGOD's ejuice has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio in all of its 60ml bottles.

Enjoy all the flavors of VGOD e-liquids that we have at La Vapería from its most recognized lines. You can choose the concentration of nicotine you want for each one, either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg, here we have them.

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Preguntas Frecuentes 

¿Qué son los e-juice o e-liquid?

Son líquidos que contienen Propilenglicol (PG)Glicerina Vegetal (VG), saborizantes alimenticios (usualmente utilizados en alimentos y medicamentos avalados por la FDA) y nicotina (puede o no contener) de grado USP, los cuales son utilizados para e-cig comúnmente conocidos como vapeadores, cigarrillos electrónicos.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre cada uno?

Todo depende del saborizante/s que contiene el líquido, la marca del fabricante, si es nacional o importado, etc. Todo esto engloba una gran gama de sabores, colores, tamaños, etc.

¿Cuánta nicotina debo elegir?

Esto es con base a tus necesidades y al cigarro electrónico que tengas, preparamos una tabla para que puedas guiarte con la concentración de nicotina.

Como recomendación si tienes un sistema de pods tal como Suorin DropSuorin AirPodStick de VaporessoInfinix de SMOKJuulJC01 o cualquiera que sea de 1.0ohms hacia arriba te recomendamos la sales de nicotina.

Si usas un vapeador o cigarro electrónico tradicional con resistencias de 0.8ohms hacia abajo lo que te recomendamos son los e-líquidos de base libre.

Liquidos de Base Libre

Cantidad de Miligramos (e-liquids de base libre)Tipo de Fumador
3mgFumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
6mgFumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
12mgFumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
18mgFumador (1 y media a 2 cajetillas diarias)

Sales de Nicotina

Cantidad de Miligramos (sales de nicotina)Tipo de Fumador
25mg (2.5%)Fumador social (1 a 5 cigarros al día)
35mg (3.5%)Fumador medio (Media cajetilla diaria)
50mg (5%)Fumador diario (1 cajetilla diaria)
60mg (6%)Fumador (1 cajetilla y media diaria)