Vochito Salts


Vochito salts: delicious flavors for you

When you think a vocho is just that, think twice. Do you know the vochito salts? Dare to try all the flavors we have available for you at La Vaperia and ask for your favorites. 

The vochito salts are designed to pamper the most demanding palates, their flavors with fruity mixtures make the vochito salts ideal for everyone. Even for those looking to increase their dose of nicotine.

All flavors of vochito salts available at La Vapería contain 30 mg of nicotine, so we recommend you recognize the amount of nicotine that your body supports before acquiring any of these nicotine salts.

It should be noted that the consumption of this liquid must be mandatory in PODs since they are not designed for consumption in other types of devices. And what are you waiting for to buy your vochito salts? They sell out!

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