Bae Bacc Strawberry Tobacco


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 Vapewell - Bae Bacc Strawberry Tobacco

The superb Bae Bacc Strawberry Tobacco e-liquid by Vapewell is made with an unmatched fresh strawberry flavor. This way, you will have a smooth and creamy experience with every vape. La Vaperia has everything you need to vape like a pro.


Creamy and smooth bae bacc whose fresh strawberry flavor boldly sets out to establish the perfect point.

It is infused with strawberry, lightly sweetened and, as far as tobaccos go, more velvety and richer than the rest

Premium e-liquids available in 60ml.

Nicotine level Type of smoker
0mg/ml Non smoker
3mg/ml Occasional smoker
6mg/ml Medium smoker
12mg/ml Daily smoker