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Yocan Hit Vaporizador Herbal color Azul
Yocan Hit Vaporizador Herbal color Oro

Yocan - Hit 

The elegant Yocan vape hit is the perfect blend of elegance with lightweight and portable design ideal to take everywhere. In addition, it features a 1400 mAh battery and an OLED display that gives you information during your vape La Vaperia has everything to vape with the highest quality!


Yocan's new herbal vaporizer is equipped with a convection oven designed to vaporize their select varieties of dry herbs.

This makes the Yocan HIT vaporizer a cut above other botanical vaporizers in the industry, many of today's herbal vaporizers use ovens that rely on conduction heating that utilizes heat from the oven walls and the Yocan HIT improves on this art by using convection heating and a ceramic based oven to heat the herbs inside the chamber.

This allows the herbs to vaporize without reaching the burning point, thus promoting a clean and gentle vaporization of your herbs. The Yocan HIT vaporizer is also equipped with smart functions, such as a crisp OLED display that gives you the necessary information you need when vaping.

You also get a smart vibration function that notifies you what's going on with your herbal vaporizer. This makes it a convenient way to consume herbs while on the go.

Other features that the Yocan HIT vaporizer offers is the dual vape mode that allows you to run in different time frames. You can also get superior airflow with the Yocan HIT vaporizer because of how it is designed. The placement of the integrated stirring tool also allows consumers to make sure that their herbs do not burn or scorch when in the chamber. 


  • Yocan HIT 1400mAh 
  • User manual
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Type C Fast Charge Cable