Honeydew Melon

Pachamama Salts

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Pachamama Salts - Honeydew Melon

The magnificent Honeydew Melon e-liquid from Pachamama Salts is an exquisite mix of green melon with sweet melons. Ideal essence and flavor for lovers of sweet combinations with nicotine salts perfect for vaping at any time. La Vaperia has everything you need to vape like a professional.

Pachamama's Honeydew Melon is a nicotine salt that succulently blends green melon and honeydew melons creating a delicious vape experience. 

Available in 30ml.

Nicotine Level Type of Smoker
0mg/ml Non-smoker
3mg/ml Casual Smoker
6mg/ml Average Smoker
12mg/ml Daily Smoker