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Masskking with a wide variety of flavors and styles

Maskking is an electronic vaporizer or electronic cigarette. These were born in the 2000s, however, before the birth of Maskking, this trend has evolved with different brands and different mechanisms.

Maskking is a brand of electronic cigarettes with more than 20 different flavors, depending on the model, the nicotine content is between 3-5%.

All Maskkings on the market contain nicotine.

How Massking vapers work 

Maskkings vapers contain lithium batteries and fragrance and nicotine concentrate, which will evaporate in the form of smoke when the product is used. Depending on the model, the evaporator will last from 200 to 2000 clicks.

All Maskkings are disposable and should be sent to the recycling center, because the battery pollutes a lot.

How do I know if I have an original Maskkings?

In recent months, Maskkings from China have been identified as low-quality copies of unknown compounds. It is important to purchase products from vendors that have seals of authenticity on the products and scan the QR code on the back of Maskkings. If the product has a strange taste or the letters on the package are backwards or use other languages, the product is not original.

Where to buy Massking?

If you are looking to buy some Massking, without a doubt vaperia is your best option because we have a wide variety of Massking brand vapers, you will surely find one that is best suit your style.

Vapers you can find at Vaperia

The Maskking High GT Disposable Vape

This vape is made with a strong aluminum alloy and an antibacterial PCTG mouthpiece. You can take it wherever you want thanks to its portable size, and the 350 mAh battery will accompany you for a long time. La Vaperia has the best vaporizers and accessories of the highest quality.

Made of aluminum alloy

  • PCTG antibacterial nozzle
  • Small size and portable
  • 350mAh battery
  • Duration of approximately 500 puffs
  • 2ml cartridge capacity
  • A variety of 19 fruit flavors

At La Vaperia, we know exactly what your needs are in order to find a safe vaporizer of the highest quality. We have a wide variety of brands and designs to vape with total confidence. Find the perfect Maskking electronic cigarette for you only at La Vaperia!

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Tips for choosing a good vape

It should be noted that all the Massking vapers are of excellent quality, but here are some tips for you to choose a good vape.

First, we recommend you take into account the following characteristics: design and measurements, recharging system and battery.

Many people believe that a device is valued for its price or if it is more or less exclusive, but this is not always the case

These devices are going to guarantee us a certain quality guarantee, both for their manufacturing materials, for the management electronics or for another reason, but if they do not adapt to your needs, we can safely tell you that vapers Massking are of the highest quality.

If you want to quit smoking by vaping, get an external battery kit. The reason is that the batteries run out and have a relatively long recharge time.

Look for batteries with the right amperage for the amount you vape, but also a balance between amperage and weight. The reason is very simple: batteries with high amperage are also the largest and heaviest.

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