Mustache Milk

Charlies Chalk Dust

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Charlie's Chalk Dust - Mustache Milk

Charlie's Chalk Dust's magnificent Mustache Milk e-liquid is a delicious dessert blend with delicate hints of cereal and milk. Plus, its creamy sensation will give you an unforgettable balanced and out-of-this-world experience. La Vaperia has everything you need to vape like a pro.

Charlie's Chalk Dust Moustache Milk is a refined dessert blend with a sweet interplay of cereal and milk. Creamy, delicious and incredibly balanced.

  • 60ml
  • 70% vg
  • 30% pg
Nicotine level Type of smoker
0mg/ml Non smoker
3mg/ml Occasional smoker
6mg/ml Medium smoker
12mg/ml Daily smoker