Pink Grapefruit


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Element -Pink Grapefruit

The magnificent e-liquid Pink Grapefruit by Element is an intense blend of the mysterious fruit of Barbados. Essence and flavor ideal for lovers of intense, sweet and sour combinations to enjoy at all times. La Vapería has everything you need to vape like a pro.

Pink Grapefruit by Element is a premium e-liquid with the citrus flavor of the mysterious Barbados fruit. Quench your curiosity with the spicy and sour goodness of this e-juice.

Premium e-liquids are specially formulated with a higher concentration of VG and less nicotine to produce the purest and densest clouds possible. They are ideal for use with mechanical mods and drippers.

Available in 60ml.

Nicotine level Type of smoker
0mg/ml Non smoker
3mg/ml Occasional smoker
6mg/ml Medium smoker
12mg/ml Daily smoker