RPM 2 Kit Refillable Pod


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Smok - RPM 2 Replacement Pod

The Smok RPM 2 Refillable Pod is ideal for the RPM 2 vape kit, as you will be able to intensify the functions of your vape to the maximum. It also features a side opening for refilling as its silicone cap prevents any leakage. La Vaperia has the best vaporizers and accessories of the highest quality.


Let yourself be amazed by the Smok RPM 2 Refillable Pod we have for you and you will change your vaping experience. The features that you can find in this product are:

Duck bill mouthpiece

Refillable and disposable cartridge

Easy and clean refill

Black color

When you purchase your pack, we recommend you to let the heating element get well moistened to avoid burning the organic cotton. Now, enjoy your exclusive Smok package!


At La Vaperia, we know exactly what you need to find a safe and high quality vaporizer. We have a wide variety of brands and designs to vape with total confidence, find the perfect Smok electronic cigarette for you only at La Vaperia!