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Rex Pod Pro

Pre-loaded eliquid pod for RELX vapeador.

Enjoy the best MTL puff and forget the traditional cigarette. Each pod has a capacity of 1.9 ml eliquid with 5% Nicotine. Each pack includes 2 Pods.


Raspy Ruby is the fresh fruity flavor we all love. Ideal for the hottest days, it will make you enjoy a fantastic fresh raspberry, with a slight touch of freshness. 

Sunny Sparkle will delight you with its refreshing fruity flavor. Enjoy your favorite orange soda in Relx infinity and essential electronic cigarettes. 

Golden Slice is a fantastic mango flavor bathed in a fantastic and unique cool effect for you to enjoy in your daily vape.

Hawaiian Sunshine is the perfect flavor for the hottest days. Enjoy a magnificent tropical pineapple with cold effect in your daily vape.

Forest Gems is the ideal flavor for lovers of fruity vape liquids. Enjoy a fantastic selection of berries with unique cold effect.

Fresh Red will delight you with the perfect fresh watermelon flavor to enjoy the best refreshing fruity daily in your Relx. 

Dark Sparkle is perfect for the hottest days. Enjoy the best recreation of your favorite cola, with a slice of lemon and cold effect.

Menthol Plus is a classic. If you are one of those who like to enjoy refreshing flavors, this menthol vape liquid is the best choice. It has a touch of natural sweetness from the mint itself. Enjoy it in your daily vape.

Tangy Purple is a classic flavor of fresh grapes, freshly picked from the vineyard and with a slight Ice effect, perfect for the hottest days. 


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