TFV12 Prince Coil

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The TFV12 Prince Vape Coil Smok contains the new “Smok Hyper Engine” technology that increases the flavor and density of the vapor. La Vaperia has the best vape devices and accessories of the highest quality. 


Let yourself be surprised by the Smok TFV12 Prince Vape Coil that we have for you and you will change your vaping experience.

When purchasing your package, we recommend letting the heating element soak well to avoid burns on the organic cotton. Now yes, enjoy your exclusive package of Smok!

At La Vaperia, we know perfectly well what your needs are to find a safe vaporizer of the highest quality. We have a wide variety of brands and designs to vape with total confidence. Find the perfect electronic cigarette Smok for you only at La Vaperia!