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Rhino - The PIMP

Rhino's magnificent The Pimp e-liquid brings you the exquisite taste of tobacco with coffee, honey and whiskey. Ideal essence and flavor for lovers of sweet and fresh combinations to enjoy at all times. La Vaperia has everything you need to vape like a professional. 

A lover of strong flavors? The PIMP is an incredible mix of flavors that includes: tobaccos with coffee, honey and whiskey. For lovers of robust tobaccos and complex liquids, Rhino has the solution for you. You can buy it with nicotine if you're quitting or nicotine-free if you just want to enjoy the flavor. 

Let its strong flavor finally convince you to leave behind the vice of conventional cigarettes and change it for an electronic one. If what you liked was the taste of tobacco, the liquid with sweet and whiskey touches will become your favorite from the first moment you try it.

Also, The PIMP is a good transition option, if you are a daily smoker, you can start with the one that contains 12 mg of nicotine per ml, and so on until that you get to the one that is nicotine free. Instead of making clouds with the bad smell of cigarettes, now you can make clouds with a sweet aroma.

The E-liquid The PIMP is available in 30 ml presentation, enough for good performance. Just add it to your vape kit and start enjoying its amazing flavor.

Nicotine percentage table for The PIMP

Nicotine Level Type of Smoker
0mg/ml Non-smoker
3mg/ml Casual Smoker
6mg/ml Average Smoker
12mg/ml Daily Smoker

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