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JUUL - Juul pods from Juul 

The Juul Vape Pod System is the perfect blend of practicality with a rugged and efficient design. In addition, it has an incredible system that detects when you pull the air from the mouthpiece, without the need for complicated interfaces or buttons. La Vaperia has everything to vape with the highest quality!


The Juul pod system includes:

  • 1x System Device of juul pods
  • 1x Magnetic USB Charger

Excellent vape for young adults and smokers who want to make the switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping.

Electronic vaporizers juul pods generally have no buttons or switches and use regulated temperature control. Did you know that Juul vaporizers were designed to be easy to use to reflect the simplicity that smokers are accustomed to? At La Vaperia get the best Juul pods electronic cigarettes!

Compatible with juul pods - Qpods Also is compatible with the Juul Pod (JC01), which you can fill with your E-Liquid favorite!

E-cigarettes juul pods offer a nicotine-like experience none, designed for ex-smokers who need a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

JUL PODS Electronic Vaporizers | La Vaperia


The juul is a pod device designed to mimic the physical and sensory experience of a cigarette, without looking like it. JUULs have two components: the lower part is the device, which includes the battery and temperature regulation system, and the upper part is the cartridge. >e-liquid that is placed in the device.

What are Juul pods? Get them in Mexico!

JULs are battery-powered devices that heat a flavored liquid, sometimes called “e-juice”, “e-liquid” or “vape juice” , which contains nicotine. They are inhaled like regular cigarettes and come in many different shapes and sizes, including pens, USB sticks and flash drives, and other everyday items.

The juul's cartridge is also the mouthpiece, so just click on the JUUL and it's ready to go. The JUUL device is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger that you can plug into your laptop.

How do Juul pods work?

One of the biggest differences between JUUL and other e-cigarettes or vaporizers is that there are no complicated mechanisms. The device senses when the mouthpiece is pulled and heats up to vaporize the liquid inside.

According to the manufacturer, it has a special temperature regulation technology to prevent overheating or combustion.As a result, is supposedly less likely to burn or explode, which has been a problem with other vaporizers

E-liquid cartridges, or JUUL pods, come in a variety of flavors like fresh mint, mango pods juul and mixed fruit. Each capsule contains various amounts of nicotine.

The e-liquid cartridges contain a mixture of glycerol and propylene glycol, nicotine, benzoic acid and flavourings.

The JUUL is a "closed system" meaning the user does not refill the e-liquid like they do with "tank systems" or vape pens. This is supposed to allow for more quality control.

Features of the Juul pods

The JUUL device includes an indicator light that shows the charge; an opening where you insert the pod; and charging contacts at the bottom, which connect your device to the USB charging cradle. You can be sure that the juul pod is not a normal vaporizer.

The juul device contains a stress-tested battery, proprietary temperature regulation technology, and a suite of sensors that identify when it's in use.


Device Basics

JUL pod mouthpiece

Insert a JUULpod * to use and you can change them whenever you need.

JUL Device

With a JUUL pod inserted, tap the device twice to display battery life. No complex setup mechanisms or hassles. JUUL is designed with simplicity in mind.

USB charging cradle

Your JUUL device charges through the USB port in one hour.

Best of all, juul devices are easy to maintain. To clean the charging contacts and the inside of your JUUL device, use a simple dry cotton swab.

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