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SMOK - Solus Kit with Pod System

The pods of the vaperia are unique and unmatched each one of them will make you enjoy as if you were in heaven The Smok - Solus Kit you will love!

The Solus Kit Pod System from Smok vapers will keep you in the clouds, features an incredible 700 mAh battery, and adjustable wattage to suit your vaping tastes and needs At vaperia we know what you like!

Get to know the Solus Kit Pod system and relax with the best on the market.


700 mAh battery

3 ml capacity

Solus Meshed 0.9ohm Pod

Batería de 700 mAh

Capacidad de 3 ml

Pod Solus Meshed 0.9ohm

User's manual

When purchasing your package, we recommend you to moisten the resistance well to avoid possible burns of the organic cotton that composes it. And now, enjoy your exclusive Smok package! 

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