Vainilla Bourbon


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Tobacco-Vanilla Bourbon

TabaCo's superb Vanilla Bourbon e-liquid is a classic blend of vanilla with bourbon and woody hints. As if you were drinking bourbon straight from a wooden vessel, the vanilla flavor is the icing on the cake to enjoy your vapes with this exclusive liquid. La Vapería has everything you need to vape like a pro.

Traditional tobacco blended with bourbon, vanilla and woody notes.

TabaCo Bourbon Vanilla is a smoky bourbon, floral vanilla and deep tobacco combine in a harmonious woody flavor that will give you a smooth yet intense experience. Ready to vape with any of your electronic vapes.

Available in 30 ml.

Nicotine level Type of smoker
0mg/ml Non smoker
3mg/ml Occasional smoker
6mg/ml Medium smoker
12mg/ml Daily smoker